Chess Tutors in Western USA

The following are not recommendations for any chess teacher except the one in Murray, Utah, and they are offered only as informational resources and brief compilations of what is available through deeper online searching for chess coaches and tutors in the western United States.


Chess Lessons in Murray, Utah

Book author offers chess tutoring lessons in Salt Lake City – $25

  • Private or group instruction
  • Chess coach travels to your location (within limits)
  • Literature included at no extra charge
  • Tutor uses a new teaching method: “NIP”

Whitcomb's on Ensign Peak above Salt Lake City

Jonathan and Gladys Whitcomb live in Murray, Utah (Salt Lake Valley)

Before moving to Utah, they were professional child care providers in California


Chess Coach in Washington State

The Orlov Chess Academy in Redmond, Washington, has several highly-rated masters available for their courses of study. The fees are a bit complex, but basically may include a $25 registration fee and a lesson-fee of $21 each, unless the student is signed up for five or more lessons (then it’s $17 each). High-performance lessons cost $45-$50 each, depending on how many lessons are taken.


Oregon Chess Wizards

(Portland area) Their programs include summer chess camps. Their full-day and half-day camps include activities other than chess, with “hundreds” of locations that appear to include parks and churches. Private chess lessons are also available, although details like prices do not seem to be available online (phone them).


Chess Assistance in Fremont, California

The NorCal House of Chess has a few celebrated chess tutors, including these:

  • Ted Castro (“Superstar coach”)
  • Vadim Milov (grandmaster, once #22 in the world)
  • Varuzhan Akobian (another highly rated grandmaster)
  • Dejan Bojkov (Bulgarian grandmaster and author)
  • Enrico Sevillano (an active grandmaster)





Salt Lake Valley Chess Coach

Your lesson can be in your home or in a library near your home. The tutoring-service locations include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following cities . . .

Tournaments in Utah, early in 2016

February 27th Saturday competition in Salt Lake City

Brief Reviews of Chess Books

  • Modern Chess Opening Traps
  • Beat That Kid in Chess
  • Think Like a Grandmaster
  • e4 versus the Sicilian II